Top Rated Fonts

Bengali has more than 300 million speakers and this number is more than that of other foreign languages like French, Japanese, Persian, Korean, Italian and German. It is also the second most spoken language among the national languages of India. The Bengalis can be found all around the world and so is Bengali and need for Bengali fonts. 

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If you are looking for free attractive and catchy fonts for your gadgets like laptop, tablets, mobiles etc. you are in the right place. On we try to bring the best and latest Bengali fonts for you. Here are most downloaded fonts in Bangladesh and this is what makes our website the best Bengali free fonts download website with prettiest free fonts.

There are many attractive fonts on our website which make your gadget and font experience in any project impeccable. There are a few fonts which are the most favourite among most of the downloaders. These fonts are top-rated and mentioned below:


  • AtraiMJ Bold Italic
  • AnandapatraCMJ Bold
  • AnandapatraCMJ BoldItalic
  • AnandapatraCMJ Regular
  • AtraiMJ Bold

At you can find attractive fonts which are gadget friendly, easily downloadable (preview available) and free. You can go through the library to try the fonts and download what best suits your font interest. Whatever your typography or print media font need is, we have a font for you! 

We keep our library updated with latest and eye-catchy fonts that aren’t just readable but also elegant. So, if you are interested in downloading the latest Bengali fonts, go ahead! We are happy to have you here!