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The Bengali Font is the 7th most spoken language and 5th most written language within the World. It's known by its endonym Bangla is an Indo-Aryan language.

Here is the list of most downloaded Bengali fonts in our site in case you to need to download Bengali fonts for design projects or just to observe the Bengali Typography.

The Bengali script was originally not related to any particular language but was often employed in the eastern regions of the center kingdoms of India than within the Pala Empire. It later continued to be specifically pre-owned in the Bengal region.

It is still currently spoken in Bangladesh, additionally at the state of West Bengal (named after the script's name) within the eastern a part of India. The old Bengali script (11th century CE) is additionally the parent to several other scripts of eastern India, like Oriya, Manipuri, and Maithili. The Bengali script is employed to jot down languages in eastern India like Bengali, Assamese, and Manipuri.

In the north-east, the Bengali alphabet was adopted in Assam, where not within the Kamauli grant of Vaidyadeva, but also in other inscriptions, Bengali characters are exclusively used. In Assam plates of Vallabhedeva of Saka year 1107=1185. we discover archaisms, which lurked within the backwoods of civilization.

In the east, the Bengali script was also being employed in Sylhet, where similar archaisms are to be met within the Sylhet grants of Kesavada and Isanadeva.

In the south, the Bengali script was used throughout Orissa. we discover the proto-Bengali script within the Ananta Vasudeva temple inscription of Bhatta Bhaveda at Bhuvanesvara, and also the modern Bengali alphabet within the grants of Ganga Kings Nrsimhadeva II and Nrsimhadeva IV. the fashionable cursive Odiya script was developed out of the Bengali after the 14th century A.D. just like the modern Assamese.