Most Downloaded Fonts

The Seventh most spoken language in the world is Bengali and the 5th most written language. Bengali is known as endonym Bangla which means an Indo-Aryan language. The Bengali language is vastly used in print media and also as a medium on modern devices like laptop, computer, tablets and smartphones. There arises a need for Bengali fonts which are readable and also looks sober.

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Below is the list of most downloaded Bengali fonts in Bengali typography. If you want to build a project, website in Bengali… Below fonts will hype in the most optimum way:

  • AtraiMJ Bold Italic
  • AnandapatraCMJ Bold
  • AnandapatraCMJ BoldItalic
  • AnandapatraCMJ Regular
  • AtraiMJ Bold
  • SutonnyMJ Regular
  • KumarkhaliMJ Bold
  • UrmeeMJ Bold
  • SutonnyOMJ Regular


The Bengali script has been used in India and other Eastern Bengali regions vastly in ancient times and Bengali script is employed to many other Indian languages like Assamese, Manipuri, Oriya, Manipuri and Maithili etc. So, if you belong to all these regions is the website for downloading Bengali fonts for your font requirements. 

We being the top Bengali fonts website offers you an extensive variety of Bengali fonts which don’t just make it easier to use your regional language on smart devices but also can be used for print media. We have many fonts which are downloaded for several fonts’ purposes by native and non-native Bengali speakers in all the Bengali regions, especially in Bangladesh. We are one of the best Bengali font’s websites in Bangladesh. The fonts we provide are latest, attractive, readable and free.

You can check as many fonts you want before downloading the font that suits best for your project or gadget. All the fonts on are gadget-friendly and are apt for devices like laptops, tablets, phones etc. So, what are you waiting for, free download your favourite Bengali font now!